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Who We Are

Aspire for Greatness began as a labor of love for Founder Dave Hahn who saw a need for the youth of the Fremont community that was left unmet. He joined together with several other people to form a new youth center to provide a safe environment for youth in 5th through 12th grade, and through the age of 19 years old for any youth in the community who are in need of our programming. In 2020 Aspire for Greatness was formed as a non-profit organization. In June 2021 Good Shepherd Lutheran church graciously offered to host our program so that we could begin in September 2021.

For the youth in our community to reach their full potential there are several needs that we intend to meet. The goal of Aspire for Greatness is to provide those youth with a safe and encouraging environment when they are not in school. Beyond simply providing them with a safe place to be however, community volunteers will provide them with positive role models as mentors and tutors. The foundation of the programming will be anchored to biblical truth, helping the participants realize their worth and purpose. Teaching the participants that they are wonderfully made by God, with specific talents and gifts, and created on purpose for a purpose. At our heart, our program is dedicated to fostering a sense of community, self-worth, and value in local youth. 

Kristen Widman serves as Aspire's Executive Director and has served Aspire from its beginning with Dave Hahn, Heather Walraven, and Chris Leaver. In addition to founding Aspire, Dave Hahn also served as the President of the Board of Directors until his passing on February 2, 2023. The current Aspire Board of Directors includes Heather Walraven, Cindy Reed, Shawn Riddle, Peter Jacobus, Adam Marshall, and Kristen Widman. Aaron Von Behren has been with Aspire since June 2022, bringing the program to fruition, and serves as the High School Program Coordinator for the after school and summer programs. New staff added in the summer of 2023 include Brian Springer who serves as the Middle School Program Coordinator Grace Buttgen serves as the Youth Engagement Specialist, and Kaley Weber serves as the Program Assistant.    

Aspire for Greatness offers a safe place, access to supportive adults, snacks and meals, faith based lessons, mentoring opportunities, physical activities, clubs and other enrichment opportunities, incentives for positive behaviors and academic achievements. and an opportunity to build community in-house as well as with community partners.  We continue to provide services in areas of the community where youth services are needed, specifically for youth in middle school and high school and are working to build capacity to provide programs for young adults as well.